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artwork Steve Hillage
Rainbow Dome Music
Virgin CDVRX1 || 2007-01-15 (1979) || $ | | ¥ +p&p

Early and definitive ambient release, digitally re-mastered.

Originally composed and recorded for the 'Rainbow Dome' installation - a relaxing transformative colour/sound environment (the first chill-out room perhaps?) - at the Mind-Body-Spirit Festival in Olympia, London, in April 1979.

Ten years after it's release 'Rainbow Dome Music' played an key role in the birth and development of System 7 as Steve and Miquette's already blossoming interest in the late '80's dance scene was enhanced and took on new directions discovering the Orb's Alex Patterson using the album as part of his ground-breaking sets - but that's another story in the cyclical nature of life.

Jewel-case, stickered with small promo label on the back. 16 page illustrated booklet with loads of input from Steve himself. No bonus tracks on this re-mastered ground-breaking ambient album.

Tracks: [43'49]
  1. Garden of Paradise [23'14] (Miquette Giraudy)
  2. Four Ever Rainbow [20'35] (Steve Hillage)
  • Steve Hillage {Lead Guitar, Glissando Guitar, Fender Rhodes Piano, Arp and Moog Synthesisers}
  • Miquette Giraudy {Double Sequencer, Fender Rhodes Piano, Arp Omni, Tibetean Bells}
  • Rupert Atwill {Eventide Harmoniser: 2}