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System 7

Field of Dreams

a-wave AAWCD021 (2020)

Double CD for the price of one. Previously only available in Japan with a limited edition saké. The saké itself, which was produced in a limited edition of 3000 bottles, has all been sold - the music lives on in this red and gold tri-fold CD digipak with 12 page booklet which explains the System 7 saké saga. Eight of the tracks are exclusive to this, and the now sold-out limited edition saké release (**), a further two are on rare, now deleted releases (*).

Celebrating System 7's relationship with Japan. In 2018 Steve & Miquette's strong connection with Japan moved to another level with the release of a special System 7 branded saké from the esteemed Aramasa brewery of Akita. The concept of the brewery's president, and System 7 fan, Yusuke Sato was to release the saké together with an included double CD featuring a new System 7 track, that employs sounds and samples from the Akita saké region in their distinctive dance music style. This track is Field of Dreams.

Field of Dreams is the first track of CD1, which follows on with a compilation of System 7 tracks selected by Yusuke Sato, and expertly DJ mixed by Steve. CD2 features a selection of remixes of Field Of Dreams by well-known Japanese dance music artists who are friends of System 7.


The DJ Mix

  1. Field of Dreams **
  2. Love for the Phoenix X-port Version
  3. PositiveNoise Rising Mix **
  4. Chic Psychedelic X-Port Version
  5. Manik Shamanik Live Version
  6. Hinotori
  7. Alpha Wave Plastikman Acid House Remix
  8. On the Seventh Night Boom 2010 Remix
  9. Ring of Fire Volcaniq Mix *
  10. Rovo - Batis System 7 Remix
  11. Borobudur The Art of Chill Mix *

The Remixes

  1. Field of Dreams Funky Gong Remix **
  2. Field of Dreams Asteroidnos Remix **
  3. Field of Dreams Ree.K Remix **
  4. Field of Dreams System 7 Video edit **
  5. Field of Dreams Ubar Tmar Remix **
  6. Field of Dreams Artman Remix **


  • Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy