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Gus Till
Ghosts Of The Earth (CD)
Interchill ICHILLCD051 || 30.09.2014 || £9.36 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Utterly grooving release featuring Steve Hillage

Chilled 'Lotus eating with consciousness'

Steve plays some gorgeous electric guitar, and has co-writing credits, on two tracks, 'We Advance Masked' and 'So Long Emergency'. I enjoyed the opening track so much that I indulged in repeat immersions before I gave the rest of the album a fair hearing - I love it when that happens, getting hung up on a track for 24 hours.

When did I eventually get past the opener and listened to the whole album it did not disappoint, there is lots of good engaging music to flow along with, a couple even induced the involuntary shimmy and hip-drop to kick in as I worked around the office.

Interchill is the name of the label and Bali where it was all recorded, so as you can imagine we're somewhat closer to sensual Mirror System glide territory than anything high tempo. The quality of the vision and music ensures it's not zombie-zone audio like some more laid-back releases can be, there's an edge, an engaging edge to the mix, especially the hypnotic, treated vocals. Yes, all in all a good door to open, and one in the words of the late Billy MacKenzie which "leads to other doors".

Amongst various names and configurations Gus adopts one, together with his partner Supercozi, is 'Zen Lemonade' who appear on Chillpresso 1 with System 7, and in fact Gus' connection with Steve and Miquette goes back to early Big Life/Butterfly days when they first met him working in London.

Gus tells us about the album (the background track is the wonderful 'We Advance Masked')...

The packaging is a stylishly thoughtful tri-fold digi-pak.

Tracks: [79.00]
  1. We Advance Masked [6.45]
  2. Sunstroke [7.07]
  3. So Long Emergency [9.47]
  4. Tomorrow Delta [9.14]
  5. Ghosts of the Earth [8.42]
  6. Angelfright [9.35]
  7. X-Tribe (Day of the Great River) [8.34]
  8. Segue: Backward Steps Into The Future [1.44]
  9. Recovery [8.40]
  10. Night Sands [7.08]
  11. Outro: We No Longer Exist Here [1.52]