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System 7

Golden Section

a-wave AAWCD 006 (2003)

Steve and Miquette's final album for Butterfly, remastered and re-issued on their own label. Produced during Jan-April 1997.

"This represents an extension of the unique System 7 sound into the realm of breakbeats and drum n'bass. Featuring the collaboration with Talvin Singh on 'Don Corleone' and also our house-techno favourites 'Rite of Spring' and 'Ring of Fire'."
Tracks: [78'35]
  1. Rite of Spring[8'55]
  2. Don Corleone[8'35]
  3. Y2K [5'13] (Beatnik Mix)
  4. Ring of Fire [9'48]
  5. Exdreamist[7'30]
  6. Wave Bender[6'37]
  7. Sinom X File[7'55]
  8. Merkaba![9'48]
  9. Y2K [6'26] (Back to the Future)
  10. Borobudur[7'36]
Track details and Personnel:
  • All Tracks written and produced by Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy except track 2: Written by Steve Hillage, Talvin Singh and Miquette Giraudy. Mixed by System 7 and Adam Wren.
  • Live Trumpet by the late Don Cherry originally recorded for the Steve Hillage album 'L'. It is re-used on the track Don Corleone.
  • Balinese and Javanese vocal samples by I Md Madia, Dw. Aj Wantan and Nyi Sri Puji.