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Rovo & System 7


a-wave AAGWCD003 (2013)

"Hi No Tori" means "Bird of Fire" …Phoenix. The ROVO/System 7 synthesis begins it's ascent through the levels - an unmatched, perfect fusion of prog rock and dance. Innovative collaboration between Japanese psychedelic progressive jam-band ROVO and System 7. Take an exciting, happening, two drummer, electric violin, bass, keys and guitar progressive rock jam band who know how to groove and blend with the inspired ambient techno and psychedelic synth and guitar of System 7 and you are really going places - new musical destinations assured. Glossy card slip-case with the disc in a inner sleeve.

  1. Hinotori (Single Edit) - This edit will also feature on the forthcoming Mood Magic video due mid-July. The full version of this track is the first track on the forthcoming Phoenix Rising album.
  2. Hinotori (System 7 2013 Remix) - A System 7 breakbeat-style remix of the Phoenix Rising live version of Hinotori, which itself began life as Rovo's live remix of the original track from the System 7 Phoenix album (2007).
  3. Rovo - Batis - from Rovo's 2012 album Phase - this is a great introduction to the Rovo psychedelic progressive jam-band style!
  4. Rovo - Eclipse (System 7 Phoenix Rising Version) - Taken from the original Phoenix Rising CD/DVD that was only released in Japan - this remix is a template for the subsequent meld of the Rovo and System 7 styles.
  5. Hinotori (Evan Marc Remix) - A reworking of the original System 7 Hinotori by renowned System 7 collaborator Evan Marc (aka. Bluetech), with some additional live parts added by Steve and Miquette.


  1. Hinotori (Single edit) Rovo and System 7
  2. Hinotori (System 7 2013 Remix) Rovo and System 7
  3. Batis Rovo
  4. Eclipse (System 7 Phoenix Rising Version) Rovo
  5. Hinotori (Evan Marc Remix) System 7


  • Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy
  • Yuji Katsui violin, electric violin
  • Seiichi Yamamoto electric guitar
  • Yasuhiro Yoshigaki drums, percussion
  • Yoichi Okabe drums, percussion
  • Jin Harada bass
  • Tatsuki Masuko keyboards, synthesizers