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Steve Hillage & Miquette Giraudy
a-wave AAWCDP101 || 2003-10-08 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

NEW LOWER PRICE - Brilliant System 7 live CD

Recorded at the Tokiodrome, Liquid Room in Tokyo on August 17th 2002. Featuring radically different live versions of tracks from nearly every one of System 7's previous albums as well as a performance of 'Teotehuican (Pyramid of the Sun)', only previously available on a Japanese compilation.

You can sense and hear the waves of enjoyment bouncing back and forth between Steve and Miquette and the crowd as the tunes, themes and beats flow and unfold in the live setting - perhaps the 'risks' you take in that enviroment pushes everything to the edge and beyond. Steve and Miquette certainly skim around the curve of the outer limits and back home again in big beating elliptical orbits of joy. Wonderful stuff! I'd guess that all those present simply floated home after it was all over.

Steve and Miquette have always been so careful and precise about the quality of their releases and this is an excellent gig recorded to the highest standards and may well be my favourite System 7 release (I always think that), the first 35 minutes are matchless.

Tracks: [67'22]
  1. Fay Deau Deau [2'10]
  2. Teotehuican [7'05] (Pyramid of the Sun)
  3. Manik Shamanik [10'18]
  4. High Plains Drifter [6'45]
  5. High Plains Drifter [7'24] (Voyager) -
  6. Gazed and Diffused [6'57]
  7. Ring of Fire[6'50] -
  8. Varkala [4'49]
  9. Alphawave [8'47]
  10. Hangar 84[6'17] -