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Passion (CD EP)
Wakyo WYKCD039 (2012)

(Sorry, sold out.)

Japan only CD EP release. Limited Edition of 500, very few of which have come to the UK.

New tracks and Remixes

Released to promote the System 7 dates in Japan in September 2012 this is a EP of new tracks and remixes not available on any other CD or vinyl. It is only on sale direct from Japan (where you can hear some samples), or here on Planetgong. Due to the strength of the Yen anything from Japan is pretty expensive right now - to receive a copy of Passion will cost almost £20.00. We have a limited number to offer at a reduced rate.

If the pure music alone is all you desire and not the artifact the Passion EP will be available digitally from i-tunes on Sept 24th 2012 - with a Beatport pre-release exclusive from Sept 10th.

Here's the word on the music…

The title track is a powerful techno-trance stormer using all the elements of System 7's unique sound - a powerful and infectious groove, spacey guitar and occasional psychedelic bubbly electronics - and with additional vocal interventions from Miquette Giraudy

The second track is the darker more techno based 'The Eagle' that also adds an acid synth line and occasional reversed guitar.

The third track 'Eclipse (System 7 Club Remix)' is connected to a new project System 7 are doing with Japanese rock jam-band Rovo called "Phoenix Rising", which is based Rovo making live versions of System 7 tunes and System 7 making techno versions of Rovo tunes. The two band made a highly successful tour of Japan in 2011 where they morphed between the different versions, inspiring a new collaborative Phoenix Rising album to be released in autumn 2013 and another tour for that time in both Japan and UK/Europe. This track provides a taster - and displays the interesting sonic combination of Steve Hillage's lead guitar and the electric violin of Rovo's Yuji Katsui.

The fourth track is a more chilled tech-house remix of 'Chihiro 61298' from System 7's Phoenix album - remixed by Evan Marc (aka Bluetech) who has a huge reputation on the chillout scene and with whom Steve has made numerous collaborations.

Track 5 is a bonus track - an alternative version of A.Mochi's 'Positive Noise' remix previously only available digitally.

The packaging is a beautiful glossy card sleeve (photograph by Ray Morgan), with a little obi, and the full colour CD itself is in a protective plastic sleeve - all of the highest and a joy to behold.

Tracks : [36.14]
  1. Passion [8.22]
  2. The Eagle [7.06]
  3. ROVO - Eclipse (System 7 Club Remix) [8.02]
  4. Chihiro 61298 (Evan Marc Remix) [7.18]
  5. Positive Noise (A. Mochi Remix 02) [5.26]
ROVO System 7