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artwork System 7
Phoenix (Japanese edition)
Wakyo WKYCD013 || 2008 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

Japanese edition of System 7 2008 album.

a-wave's 'Phoenix page mp3 samples of all tracks.

Japanese version with totally different cover - Please note: the actual CD content is identical to the UK version - just half a dozen available. It's interesting to see the full on Manga illustration of the Phoenix. It was felt that cover would not resonate or mean as much outside Japan, so the 'Phoenix above the Earth' cover was created for the rest of the world.

The Phoenix music portrays, in a variety of ways, travel through time and space, life, death and rebirth - each track inspired by characters or images from the books. System 7 have also worked on these tracks with a number of musical collaborators including Jam el Mar (of Jam and Spoon), Son Kite, Eat Static, Slack Baba, daevid allen of Gong and Mito from the Japanese band Clammbon.

There is an additional collaboration between System 7 and Japanese animation team Mu-Magic - including manga animators famous internationally for work on "Animatrix" - which resulted initially in a beautiful promotional video clip for the track "Hinotori". You can see some of the video at

Shrink-wrapped jewel case with obi and that totally different cover

Also available: Phoenix (UK edition), Space Bird 12-inch

Tracks: [68'11]
  1. Hinotori
  2. Space Bird (collaboration with Jam El Mar)
  3. Scramble (collaboration with Slack Baba)
  4. Masato Eternity (collaboration with Jam El Mar)
  5. Song For The Phoenix
  6. Strange Beings (collaboration with daevid allen)
  7. Chihiro 61298 (collaboration with Son Kite)
  8. Makimura - Space Pilot (collaboration with Mito)
  9. Wolf-Head (collaboration with Eat Static)
  10. Hinotori Video (by Mu-°C Magic) Mpeg-1 included on CD, playable on a computer