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artwork ROVO x System 7
Phoenix Rising (CD EP/DVD)
Wakyo WRCD-54 | 11.10.2011

(Sorry all gone)

Ltd. Edition Japanese only CD EP + DVD

The System 7 / ROVO connection bears first fruit.

This baby was produced to promote the System 7/Rovo dates in Oct/Nov 2011. You could get a copy directly from Japan (and hear samples), but the strength of the Yen and the postage does make that all quite expensive, touching £30.00. Here are the only copies available outside Japan.

I love the mutually creative concept, sound and look of this release. The first two tracks are the new ones. ROVO's take on 'Hinotori' grooves along like a good 'un and I especially like the System 7 make-over of ROVO's 'Eclipse', being very partial to Yuji Katsui's poignant electric violin theme which put me in mind of the violin on 'Who's Next', and there's some fabulous Steve guitar near the end. Tracks 3 and 4 are the original versions, with ROVO's original 'Eclipse' an excellent taster for this adventurous, highly tuned 'avant-prog' band - then come the wonderful manga-esque promo films of the DVD in nice clear, much higher than You Tube res. versions - and everything is packaged with such elegant modern Japanese style.

It's a Japanese gem in the System 7 body of releases and a good introduction to rather wonderful ROVO (Gong devotees all as evidenced by Katsui's guesting on two tracks of '2032'). I know Steve views this project as the first true realistion/marriage of his techno/production and lead guitar sides within a band settling, so it is therefore very good news that plans are in place for a ROVO / System 7 album and hopefully joint UK tour in 2013.

Housed in a beautiful tri-fold digipak with an obi that could only be of Japanese design, with 2 clear disc trays.

CD [39.10]
  1. System 7 x ROVO / Hinotori (Rovo Phoenix Rising version) [12.04]
  2. ROVO x System 7 / Eclipse (System 7 Phoenix Rising version) [9.51]
  3. System 7 / Hinotori (System 7 original version) [5.45]
  4. ROVO / Eclipse (ROVO original version) [11.10]
DVD [6.54]
  1. System 7 / Hinotori - by Mood Magic [2.59]
  2. Rovo / Eclipse by Haruka Sakota [3.55]
  • Yuji Katsui {violin, electric violin}
  • Seiichi Yamamoto {electric guitar}
  • Yasuhiro Yoshigaki {drums, percussion}
  • Yoichi Okabe {drums, percussion}
  • Jin Harada {bass}
  • Tatsuki Masuko {keyboards, synths}
System 7
  • Steve Hillage / Miquette Giraudy