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Soul Vibration, Volume 2
Liquid Records LRCD009 | 2008-07-04

So chilled….inc. gorgeous Mirror System remix of System 7's 'Kupuri'.

Nice compilation - Steve and Miquette certainly seem to take great care with whom they nestle down their music next to. We of course are brought to the feast by the Mirror System remix track, which is only available on this CD. Well up there as one of the best tracks on the album. It's a rich magic carpet ride of gliss with a smooth organic cantering of drums to gently propel us along, added to this is a sprinkle of mantraesque(?) vocals from Miquette (Miquette sings!) and some bright sparkling acoustic guitar lines from Steve. Very pleasurable indeed, one of my favs of this latest batch of all things System-ish posted in the bazaar.

As always with compilations like this, part of the enjoyment is discovering wonderful new tracks, and there are certainly some here. Johnny Slackbaba does what only he does, and does so well. Zubzub I've heard good things of and they certainly don't disappoint…and on you go…a groovy little album all round.

Tracks: [65'15]
  1. Terry Davey : Karin [1'23] intro
  2. System 7 : Kupuri [Mirror System remix] [8'15] (written and produced by Steve Hillage and Miquette Giraudy)
  3. Slackbaba : Tsenstak [7'56]
  4. Nagual Sound Experiment : Completely Sideways [6'20]
  5. Mood Deluxe : Mercury Rising [7'09]
  6. Organismic : On The Air [10'47]
  7. Capsula : Golden Orb [9'03]
  8. Phutureprimitive : Innerverse [7'52]
  9. Zubzub : Inner Marine [5'08]
  10. Terry Davey : Liquid Soul [Outro] [1'20]