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Brian Abbott


Dakini DKRCD103 (2004)

Superb, devotional, and psychedelic. Elegent 12 page booklet full of background information. £1 from each sale goes direct to the Tibetan Nuns of Chuchikjall (who it took quite a while to contact as the only recording we had was a bootleg CD with no information - imagine bootlegging devotional chanting!) and the Free Tibet Campaign.

"…may be one of the best musical productions to be released in 2004. Brian combines traditional elements of Tibetan musics, the ambience of Sacred Geometry and the psychedelic beat of Here & Now/Ozrics…a true gem which should be in every Gong fan's collection." - Ray

Brian and Nigel Shaw have absolutely excelled themselves with this release. In the past there has been a perceivable difference between the work of members of the greater Gong Family who have been not only been musicians for decades, but who also do nothing else but make music and those who out of necessity have other forms of income and calls on their time. And it's not a pure musical 'ability' issue, it's to do with conscience-ness. With the sheer musical range of ideas, quality and dedication displayed on this CD Brian simply steps quietly but firmly into the first category.

This is Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet member Brian 'Zero' Abbott's first solo outing and is based on the Tibetan female deity Tara. It employs archive recordings of Tibetean Monks and Nuns, contemporary western instruments mergeing with Mongolian and Tibetan instrumentation. Musically it ranges from beautiful ambient soundscapes and sonic prayers, to full tilt psychedelic rock and dance workouts.

Brian has inspired and gathered a high class group of friends for this intriguing project. The quality of the recording is top notch taking place as it did at Seventh Wave the Dartmoor studio of Global/Riven mainman Nigel Shaw, who is also a major musical contributor throughout the album. Amongst others appearing are one time Ozric Tom Brooks (Zorcher Basil's brother), deep Tibetan/Mongolian music expert Michael Ormiston (whose playing and singing can often be heard on the BBC and who is spellbinding on this CD) and Global/Riven members Jackie Juno, Carolyn Hillyer and Shaun Farrenden. daevid allen (beautiful gliss guitar naturally), Co-Invisible Opera member Tim Hall and Kevin Kendle also make telling guest appearances.


  1. White Tara Abbott/Shaw/traditional
  2. Skeleton Lords Abbott/Shaw
  3. Sunrise Over a Nation Ormiston/Abbott/Shaw
  4. Dolma Abbott/Shaw
  5. Winds on Mt. Kailash (Brian Abbott/Nigel Shaw)
  6. Tim Tara Tala Abbott/Shaw/traditional
  7. Prayer to the Dali Lama Shaw/Abbott/Ormiston/traditional
  8. Green Tara (Brian Abbott/Nigel Shaw)
  9. Puja at the End of the Day traditional


  • Nigel Shaw keyboards, programming, flutes, drum programs, Tibetan bowls
  • Shaun Farrenden Tibetan Horn
  • Tom Brooks EMS Synthi
  • Tim Gill bass
  • Jackie Juno vocals
  • Carolyn Hillyer vocals
  • Michael Ormiston Tibetan bowls, morin khuur (Mongolian stringed instrument), limbe (Tibetan reed flute), overtoning, longsong, Khoomi singing
  • Brian Abbott lead & rhythm Guitar, glissando guitar, vocals, Tibetan bowls
  • Tibetan Nuns of Chuchikjall Nunnery vocals
  • Tibetan Monks archive recordings
  • Tim Hall vocals, acoustic guitar on 'Tim Tara Tala', vocals on 'Green Tara'
  • daevid allen glissando guitar on 'Winds on Mt. Kailash'
  • Kevin Kendle keyboards on 'Winds on Mt. Kailash'