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Tim Blake

Blake's New Jerusalem

Esoteric ECLEC 2579 (2017)

Tim's 1978 masterwork officially remastered and expanded with 3 bonus tracks on CD for the first time. 'Woodland Voice' is the B-side of the 1978 7" single, 'Generator Laser Beam', the other two bonus tracks are taken both from 'Waterfall In Space', once released as a GAS cassette. An album which needs little introduction to Gongsters - Tim Blake's solo high water mark release shines even more brightly and sounds even better than it did in 1978. Jewel case with an informative 20 page illustrated booklet.


  1. A Song For A New Age
  2. Lighthouse
  3. Generator (Laser Beam)
  4. Passage Sur La Cité (Des Révélations)
  5. New Jerusalem
  6. Bonus tracks
  7. The Woodland Voice
  8. From Outer Space
  9. Jupiter To Jerusalem


  • Tim Blake EMS custom synthesizers, Roland 100 system, Mini moog, Ovation and glissando guitars, Aro Omni, Korg polyphonic ensemble and vocals
  • Jean-Phillippe Rykiel Mini Moog on 'Passage Sur La Cité' and 'New Jerusalem'