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Tim Blake

Caldea Music II

Esoteric ECLEC 2592 (2017)

Tim's 2002 solo album officially remastered. Caldea is the Andorran health spa that commissioned Tim to compose and record this album, which came just a year after 'Tide of the Century'. Jewel case with an informative 16 page illustrated booklet featuring a new essay and interview.


  1. Caldea
  2. Floating
  3. Om Beach
  4. The Great Pool
  5. Across The Sea of Dreams
  6. Jacuzzi Surfing
  7. Caldea II


  • Tim Blake: 2 EMS Synthi As, Mini Moog, EMS Frequency Shifter, MXR Flanger, Sony TC 850 Tape Deck Echo, Sony Mix 12, Elka Rhapsody
  • Recorded by Tim Blake on TEAC and Sony recorders, except 'Synthese Intemporel' by Jacques Darnys on Nagra IV
  • Produced by Tim Blake