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artwork Tim Blake
Caldea Music II CD
Esoteric ECLEC 2592 || 2017 || $ | | ¥ +p&p

Tim's 2002 solo album officially remastered

booklet features new essay and interview

Caldea is the Andorran health spa that commissioned Tim to compose and record this album, which came just a year after 'Tide of the Century'.

Housed in a standard jewel-case with an informative 16 page illustrated booklet.

Tracks: composed by Tim Blake [54'00]
  1. Caldea [4'30]
  2. Floating [9'19]
  3. Om Beach [1'00]
  4. The Great Pool [19'43]
  5. Across The Sea of Dreams [4'55]
  6. Jacuzzi Surfing [9.07]
  7. Caldea II [4.36]
  • Tim Blake: {2 EMS Synthi As, Mini Moog, EMS Frequency Shifter, MXR Flanger, Sony TC 850 Tape Deck Echo, Sony Mix 12, Elka Rhapsody}
Production credits:
  • Recorded by Tim Blake on TEAC and Sony recorders, except 'Synthese Intemporel' by Jacques Darnys on Nagra IV
  • Produced by Tim Blake