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Tim Blake

Lighthouse : An Anthology 1973‑2012

Esoteric ECLEC 42651 (2018)

The 'Best' of Tim Blake - in Gong, solo, in Hawkwind, more. 3 CDs + 1 DVD (DVD & 1 CD previously unreleased material). A one-stop Blakian solution/antidote. Handsome clam-shell box with 4 card-sleeved discs and a 20 page illustrated booklet.

What a great idea to collect Tim-rich 'hits' and solo favourites together and mix in a healthy dose of previously unreleased material. There are tracks from every Tim solo album and every album on which he played a major part. This is a release that works for both long time followers and new initiates. And it's an facinating pleasure to see the Crystal Machine set-up on the DVD even if it isn't strictly in real action.

Belated acknowledgement and thanks to Graham Hinton, who recorded some of the live material, and Steve Gay who saved and digitised some of the other bonus material. Neither are credited.


disc 1

  1. The Octave Doctors and the Crystal Machine Gong 'Flying Teapot' (1973)
  2. The Other Side of the Sky Gong 'Angel's Egg' (1973)
  3. A Sprinkling of Clouds Gong 'You' (1974)
  4. Surf Saratoga Space Messengers single A side (1976)
  5. Midnight Tim Blake 'Crystal Machine' (1977)
  6. Synthese Intemporel Tim Blake 'Crystal Machine' (1977)
  7. Passage Sur La Cité (Des Révélations) Tim Blake 'Blake's New Jerusalem' (1978)
  8. New Jerusalem Tim Blake 'Blake's New Jerusalem' (1978)
  9. Lighthouse - Hawkwind - From 'Live Seventy Nine' 1979

disc 2

  1. Perelude Hawkwind 'Levitation' (1980)
  2. Who's Gonna Win The War Hawkwind 'Levitation' (1980)
  3. A Return To The Clouds Tim Blake 'Magick' (1991)
  4. Waiting For Nati Tim Blake 'Magick' (1991)
  5. The Tide of the Century Tim Blake 'The Tide of the Century' (2001)
  6. Byzantium Dancing Tim Blake 'The Tide of the Century' (2001)
  7. Jacuzzi Surfing Tim Blake 'Caldea Music II' (2002)
  8. Floating Tim Blake 'Caldea Music II' (2002)
  9. Absent Friends Tim Blake 'Noggi Tar' (2017)
  10. Byzantium Tim Blake, Exeter 2009

disc 3

  1. Ionic Clouds
  2. Psychedelic Springs
  3. Forteresse/ Crystal Mirrors
  4. Oming In
  5. Mirrors of Light
  6. Metro Poly Train
  7. The Tide of The Century

disc 4 (DVD)

  1. Generator (Laser Beam)
  2. Passage Sur La Cité (Des Révélations)
  3. New Jerusalem
  4. Lighthouse


  • Tim Blake synths, keyboards, vocals
  • Jean-Phillipe Rykiel
  • a host of Gongsters/Hawkwinders