planet gong bazaar


Tim Blake


Esoteric ECLEC 2585 (2017)

Tim's 1991 return solo album officially remastered - booklet features new essay and interview. After parting company with Gong Tim enhanced his innovative Crystal Machine project along side laser/lighting maestro Patrice Warrener. This largely live album was was the first release to spring from the collaboration. Housed in a standard jewel-case with an informative 16 page illustrated booklet.


  1. A Magick Circle
  2. Tonight
  3. The Strange Secret of Ohm - Gliding
  4. A Return To Clouds
  5. Waiting For Nati
  6. A Dream
  7. More Magick
  8. With You


  • Tim Blake: 2 EMS Synthi As, Mini Moog, EMS Frequency Shifter, MXR Flanger, Sony TC 850 Tape Deck Echo, Sony Mix 12, Elka Rhapsody
  • Recorded by Tim Blake on TEAC and Sony recorders, except 'Synthese Intemporel' by Jacques Darnys on Nagra IV
  • Produced by Tim Blake