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Tim Blake

Tide of the Century

Esoteric ECLEC 2591 (2017)

Tim's solo album officially remastered. There was a gap of a decade between 1991's 'Magick' and the release of this album. The Crystal Machine may have been an adventure long consigned to musical legend but echoes of it's subtleties and sensibilities were conjured up largely through modern, more reliable digital technology. Several tracks distinctly bring to mind 'Blake's New Jerusalem'. Jewel case with an informative 16 page illustrated booklet featuring a new essay and interview.


  1. Nature 'L'
  2. The Tide of the Century
  3. St Dolay
  4. Crystal Island
  5. Byzantium Dancing
  6. Sarajevo (Remember)
  7. Tribulations


  • Tim Blake Everything not listed below and vocals
  • Christine Vitard Vocals
  • Marie-Anne Vitard Vocals
  • Loys Kerhoas Rap Vocal
  • Min Tse Chou Guitars, Extra Programming
  • 'Stof' Kovacs Analog Synths
  • Recorded by Tim Blake