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Soft Records SOFT006 (2006)

daevid guests on very good Aussie Prog+ double CD. I've must admit I became a bit addicted to CD two which has the majority of daevid's input into this excellent Australian release. He features strongly on the tracks 1 and 2 on vocals and glissando guitar, but I also greatly enjoy the rest of the tracks as well. I'm not sure I can get CD two out of the CD player long enough to sample CD one! I'll try…soon…promise.

When I asked daevid about the recording sessions… he was in a vagueish mood, "Oh yeah, that was a while ago, good fun. How is it, I haven't heard it yet?". I commented on the odd, but very interesting changes of musical style and mood that happens throughout the CDs. daevid thought that was due to the the wide ranging music and influences that sort of wash up on Australian shores, and how different those are to European musical trends. I can hear echoes of those 'Café del Mar' chill-out albums, but much better. There's also an air of dubby Cinematic Orchestra, but less jazzy, and a lot more smoothly quirky. Whatever is happening it all hangs together a flowing whole.

But oh those first 3 or 4 tracks on Disc 2 - gorgeous. After the smooth daevid oddness flow and Cinematic dubbyness, you suddenly get a latin vibe coming in from seemingly nowhere, then and a wonderfully chugging track based around Faust's 'It's a Rainy Day, Sunshine Girl', before it's off into grooving Floydian type space and it all ends with a laid-back Shadows meet the twilight zone in a James Bond movie thang. It's great stuff, obviously everyone is having a whale of a time, and it's all very presented and recorded. I now look forward to discovering Disc 1 - but I'll just have another play of Disc 2 first.

Well that's about as imprecise a summary of a CD as you are going to get from anyone I reckon. Perhaps I'll get back to you with more, or maybe I'll discover this page in two year's time and think, oh bugger I meant to write some more about that great album I played all the time back then.


disc 1

  1. Paris Shades
  2. Avoiding the Road to Recovery
  3. Urban End
  4. Five o'clock
  5. Fire Projects
  6. Shift
  7. Ultimate Kicks
  8. Passing Through
  9. Mountain Sun

disc 2

  1. The Marketplace
  2. Harmony Brew
  3. Ballad of the Expendable
  4. A shore way to find an egg
  5. Dawn of the Duck
  6. Nuffin 4m47s
  7. Sorry Cake 5m55s
  8. Monsterous Skies
  9. The Last Kiss 3m43s


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