planet gong bazaar


Here & Now


Nowhere CD001

Full-on 90's psychedelic space-rock. Psychedelic guitar driven rock of the most powerful order, but also with an edge of soul uncommon in such albums. Sometime Planet Gong member Steffe is just stunning throughout on guitar, every solo is of the optimum, not a note too long, not a note too short. But the whole band are on top form here, tight and strong. I can't rate this one highly enough. Maybe Here and Now's finest release.


  1. Love of the World
  2. Nude Temple Dream
  3. Love Thing
  4. Tellysong
  5. UFOasis -
  6. Living Room War
  7. Fire in the Sky
  8. Rattle the Cage
  9. Crazy World
  10. Secrets II


  • Steffe 'Sharpstrings' Lewry Guitar, Vocals
  • Keith 'tha Missile' Bailey Bass, Vocals
  • Andy Roid Keys, Vocals on Secrets
  • Steve '1-Dread' Cassidy Drums, Percussion