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University of Errors

Ugly Music For Monica

Errz CD03

Elected one of the 10 Folk, Rock and Pop Albums of the year in France on one of the websites of the french label and collective T.I.M.E.C. (The Incredible Melting Entertainment Compagnons).

daevid allen loses his one remaining marble in a glorious sound fest. The sonic experiments of the first two UofE albums are honed to a needle-sharp point with this majestic third release by the Errors. From the opening chords their banner is uncompromisingly plunged firmly on the - heavy rock beat/thumping bass/big-noisy guitars on an angular edge - high ground. It may challenge faint hearts from the outset with it's post-punk agit-prop à la Floating Anarchy credentials. But even if you have temporarily forgotten the high purpose of expressing righteous passion at the state of the world your 17 year old son won't have. He is gonna love this (don't give it to him - just play it till he asks "What is that?"). You never know you might yet decide to storm the barricades one more time.

But it's not just a wall of urban metal-voodoo-feedback speed guitar - there are enough time-signature changes and powerful guitar jugglings to keep the most dyed in the wool proggers happy (well those with open-minds anyway). There are also some quite marvellous, haunting, sections such as the spacey antidote to Cher's 'I Believe', 'If You Die', a twinkling song of death no less.

And I haven't even mentioned Kevin Ayers' 'Clarence in Wonderland' as played by the Velvet Underground, a great take on daevid's 'Mystico Fanatico', the Ramonesque version of 'Pot-Hed Pixies', the simply glorious mangling/re-writing of a 'nu-age' chant fav which ends the CD - and then here's the huge T-Rex/Marxist anthem 'Wage Slave'. Totally and firmly stuck in my CD player since I first received a rough-mix copy. Somehow embraces the moment - all you have to do is embrace the anarchy. Oh yeah it's housed in a triple-fold silver and black didgipak.


  1. Skulls of Our Enemies
  2. Wage Slave
  3. Mystico Fanatico
  4. Rich Men Eat My Voice
  5. So What - (Davis/Allen)
  6. PHP 2032
  7. Earthbound
  8. Moo?
  9. If You Die
  10. Clarence in Wonderland Kevin Ayers
  11. Patapan


  • daevid allen guitar, vocals
  • Michael Clare - bass
  • Josh Pollock - guitar, megaphone, piano, bass, percussion
  • Jason Mills drums, piano, percussion
  • Nic Stephanz Theremin
  • Tony Maimone keys