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Violeta de Outono


Voiceprint VPB136CD

Gong guitarist's other band - psychedelic, melodic, beautifully played. Always worth the price of admission. If you know this South American band's work you will need no second invitation - if you don't you are in for a treat. Digipak


  1. Imagens Golfetti, Costa, Cardoso, Dinola
  2. Kevinland Golfetti
  3. Parallex T-Blues Golfetti
  4. Imagens (Reprise) Golfetti
  5. Flowers On The Moon Alge
  6. A Painter Of The Mind Golfetti
  7. Cidade Extinta Cardoso


  • Fabio Golfetti guitar, vocals
  • Gabriel Costa bass
  • Fernando Cardoso organ, piano, synthesizer
  • José Luiz Dinóla drums
  • Fernando Alge vocals on 'Flowers On The Moon'