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Weird Biscuit Teatime


(Sorry, all gone - might return someday)

Voiceprint VP371CD (2005)

daevid band recordings 'treated' by Don Falcone, with cover art by Hawk Alfredson. This is a very interesting album indeed - and yet again (why am I surprised after all these years?) something completely new. In most respects it sounds more like a new band recording a studio album than Don Falcone's earlier experimental albums which featured daevid. And a very good band it is too.

What reference points in the ever expanding Gong Family Universe were conjured up for me? There are certainly shades of the University of Errors, not unexpected with daevid on full 'banana guitar' duties and Michael Clare on bass, but it is nowhere near as punky as the UofE often are. There is a darker grandeur about Weird Biscuit than most of the UofE work. It also has a more Brainville edge about it, but a rock-based Brainville. Undoubtedly both very good points on the huge Gong Family musical map to reference.


  1. DJ Herbal Extract
  2. Fashion Victim (Rubber Duck Dub)
  3. Lavender
  4. O Dear (Save Me From The Social Security)
  5. Beezlebabble Slush
  6. Technicolour Tongue
  7. Cathode Cathedral
  8. Trans Human Future
  9. This Could Be The End


  • daevid allen guitars, vocals
  • Don Falcone synths, percussion, samples, spare chains, rubber ducks, rhythm bass, kitty kat voices, alien ball, orb/ben wa ball
  • Michael Clare bass guitars
  • Trey Sabatelli drums
  • Mychael Merrill kettle drum on 'Fashion Victim'
  • Tom Dambly trumpet on 'Trans Human Future'