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You Remixed

Gliss CD001

Great double CD for the price of one! Gong's classic 'You' LP remixed by a host of artists it helped influence, including Orb, System 7, Astralasia, Total Eclipse, The Shaman, Graham Massey (808 State), Doof and many more. It's the perfect meeting of generations, spirit and beats (ambient, techno, trance and beyond).

"The mother of all trips awaits here" - Mojo Magazine

  • Disc 1: [61'50]
    1. Moodswings : Thoughts For Naught (Flute Salad Remix)
    2. The Orb : A PHP's Advice (Gong with the Wind Remix)
    3. The Shamen : Master Builder (Shamen Mix)
    4. Youth : A Sprinkling of Clouds (Full Length Edit)
    5. Electric Skychurch : You Never Blow Your Trip Forever (A PHP's Mystery Trip:Acidpunk Mix)
    6. Total Eclipse : You Never Blow Your Trip Forever (Total Eclipse Mix)
    7. Astralasia : You Never Blow Your Trip Forever (Or Wilja Mix)
    8. Orlando : You Are I And I Am You (Wild Mix)
  • Disc 2: [62'38]
    1. System 7 : A Sprinkling of Clouds (Belly Dance Mix)
    2. Mad Stof : Master Builder (Ishtar Now Mix)
    3. Glo : Magic Mother Invocation (Infinite Possibility Mix)
    4. Global : Isle of Everywhere (Perfect Isle Mix)
    5. Gregorio and Stephen Budd : Master Builder (Hava Cuppa Tea Edit)
    6. Yamataka Eye : Master Builder (Eye Mix)
    7. Graham Massey of 808 State : Isle of Everywhere (Massey Mix)
    8. Doof : You Never Blow Your Trip Forever (Gong But Not Forgotten Mix)