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Glastonbury Live
Zorch Music ZMCD003

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Assembly Rooms, 12th May 2001.

The great Zorch concert we put on at the Assembly Rooms in May 2001 makes it onto CDR, well edited highlights of it at least. The clean, clear multi track recording is by Graham Hinton, Gwyo and Basil were in top form and it's simply a great record of the best Zorch gig I have witnessed to date. Plus Basil has come up with just the right cover.

Tracks: [51'36]
  1. Nomad [8'31]
  2. Pacific [5'00]
  3. Tokyo Express [9'11]
  4. Dr. Why [7'04]
  5. Swamp Blues [5'47]
  6. Psi Clone [5'18]
  7. Adrenalin [3'30]
  8. Retrograde [7'12]
  • Gwyo Zepix
  • Basil Brooks
  • Susi O'Neill {Guest Thereminist}