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cover art Gong Global Family
Live in Brazil
São Paulo; Sesi Theatre, 20th November 2007
VPDVD62 || 2009 || £8.51 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

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Teapots over South America, no less.

This really rather fantastic DVD slipped under the radar near the end of last year.

Also available on CD

review : Tomasz Ostafinski, ArtRock.pl

Tracks: 65'00
  1. You Can't Kill Me
  2. Radio Gnome Invisible
  3. Fohat Digs Holes in Space
  4. Oily Way
  5. Outer Temple
  6. Inner Temple
  7. Master Builder
  8. Tropical Fish
  9. Selene
  10. Dynamite
  • daevid allen {guitar, vocals}
  • Josh Pollock {guitar, megaphone}
  • Fabio Golfetti {guitar}
  • Fred Barley {drums}
  • Gabriel Costa {bass}l
  • Marcelo Ringel {saxes}