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Seven Drones @ Gong Uncon 06
Region 0 (All Areas) DVD
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The essence of Gong's sound.

A unique, enthralling adventure in sound and vision. The master practitioners of glissando guitar gathered together creating perhaps the music of the spheres - daevid allen, Steve Hillage, Steffe, Harry Williamson, Brain Zero, Fabio Golfetti, Jerry Bewley, Steve Higgins, Kawabata Makoto and Josh Pollock.

The idea of Gliss ensemble was first conceived by daevid allen and Steve Hillage as far back as 1974, but until 2006 there had been no performance or band with more than 2 gliss guitarists. The Gong Unconvention provided the perfect opportunity to make real a long-held dream. It may have taken more than 30 years to happen but the result is out of this world.

The DVD also features a short film by daevid on Drone theory and his feelings on the performance.

Live audio mix by David Id and Venux Deluxe. Dolby 5.1 surround audio mix and psychedelic video effects by Harry Williamson and daevid. Only available here or direct from 'the band' (using Paypal) at

  1. 'C' Earth Drone (Muladhara - Bass of Spine - Red)
  2. 'D' Sacred Sexual Current Drone (Svadisthana - Pelvis - Orange)
  3. 'E' Powerflow Drone (Manipura - Solar Plexus - Yellow)
  4. 'F' Heartstream Drone (Anahata - Chest - Green)
  5. 'G' Throat Release Drone (Vishuddi - Throat - Blue)
  6. 'A' Vison Focus Drone (Ajna - Third Eye - Indigo)
  7. 'B' Alignment Drone (Sahasrara - Crown - Violet)
  • Brian 'Zero' Abbott: (Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet, UK)
  • daevid allen: (Gong, Planet Gong, University of Errors, Acid Mothers Gong, Brainville/etc.)
  • Jerry Bewley: (Kangaroo Moon)
  • Fabio Golfetti (Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet, Brazil)
  • Steve Higgins: (House of Thandoy)
  • Steve Hillage: (Gong, System 7)
  • Steffe: (Here & Now, Planet Gong)
  • Kawabata Mokoto: (Acid Mothers Temple)
  • Josh Pollock: (University of Errors, Acid Mothers Gong)
  • Harry Williamson: (Mothergong, Faraway)

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