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Montserrat 1973 and Other Stories
DVD+12 page booklet

(Sorry, all gone.)

Essential footage of 1973 Gong at play and live + much more.

The Holy Grail for many Gongsters is footage of the band in the '70s. Such material is very rare indeed, so to be reunited with a complete 25 minute professionally shot and edited film from the time is like manna from heaven. You simply will not believe your eyes. Add to that new high quality specially shot films of some of daevid's recent work and some long lost Soft Machine UFO footage direct from Mark Boyle's archive - a must have DVD.

With a 12 page booklet by daevid explaining all about this bizarre Gong gig and the other films included in this collection.

  1. Gong at Montserrat, Spain, 1973 (Esteban Marguilles)
  2. Big Tea 1996 (Andrea Heinrich)
  3. Conscience Strike 2006 (Stefanie Petrik)
  4. Arrest Me (Stefanie Petrik)
  5. Gaia (Stefanie Petrik)
  6. Tick'O'Cock (Micheal Balson)
  7. Garden Song (Gary Fick)
  8. Acid Mothers Gong(Royal Festival Hall, London, 2002 - 'The Marriage of Cotton Casino')
  9. Soft Machine (UFO Club, 2/6/1967)