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On French TV 1971-1973
Region 0 (All Areas) DVD
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(Sorry, all gone.)

Fabulous collection of Gong French TV apprearances.

At the heart of this DVD is a fascinating 1973 documentary filmed at Gong's communal house at Sens in Burgundy (and for all us non French speakers subtitles have been added - Horray!). Here they all are hanging out in the kitchen (where else?), lounging in the garden, in the bath even, and the icing on the cake - in the music room running powerfully through a couple of songs. You couldn't really ask for more, well perhaps colour film instead of black and white might have been nice, but to have this programme at all is a marvel.

If there is more any French TV Gong footage from the early 1970's I don't know what it is, I think we have everything collected here. Alongside the Gong Montseraat we have pretty nearly all of '70's Gong captured on film now available on DVD.

Mind you now I come to think of it there may be a little more yet to be unearthed…

With a 16 page booklet written and designed by Monsieur D'Alien himself.

Tracks: [1h 14']
  1. Rockenstock: Gong: 18.09.1973 [24'50]
  2. Pop Deux: Gong concert at Nanterre University: 29.04.1971 [24'39]
  3. Pop Deux: 09.01.1971 [12'32]
  4. Jazz Land: 08.05.1971 [7'23]
  5. Docteur Pierre and Mister Perret: 16.08.1972 [4'46]