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artwork Hadouk Trio
Live at Cabaret Sauvage
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Filmed in Paris, 22nd+23rd May 2007

A fantastic DVD of a beautiful show, with only the title track duplicated from the very different and equally wonderful 'Baldamore' CD. It's one thing to hear the master musicians play all those strangely named instruments, but it really adds another dimension to see them do it. The filming, editing and presentation of this DVD is flawless - just gorgeous.

Tracks: 59'03
  1. Sauve Corridor [8'24] (Ehrlich, Malherbe)
  2. Dragon de Lune [7'17] (Ehrlich, Malherbe)
  3. Train Bleu des Savanes [7'02] (Ehrlich, Malherbe)
  4. Baldamore [6'22] (Ehrlich, Malherbe)
  5. Toupie Tambour [4'10] (Ehrlich, Malherbe, Shehan)
  6. Tourneblues [12'02] (Ehrlich, Malherbe)
  7. Hijaz [8'22] (Shehan)
  8. Parasol Blanc, 1 et 2 [5'24] (Ehrlich, Malherbe)
Bonus Features: [38'00]
  1. Documentaire : Hadouk Trio se raconte [30'00]
  2. Hadouk Trio en enregistrement : Centaurea [5'00] (Shehan)
  3. Interviews invités [3'00]
  4. Galerie photos
  • Didier Malherbe {doudouk, flûtes, khen, toupies, ocarina
  • Steve Shehan {djembé, congas, toms, derboukas, shakers, calebasse, waterphone, daf hang, handsonic, cymbals, cloches, archets
  • Loy Ehrlich {gumbass, hajouj, kora, claviers
  • Malouma Mint Meidah {chant [8]
  • Bachar Khalife {rig [9]
  • Nicolas Genest {trompette [10]