planet gong bazaar

Invisible Opera Co. of Tibet

@ The Onboard The Craft 2013 Festival

Region 0 (All Areas) DVD Dakini Records 2014

Vibey well-filmed gig

If you've never made it to an Invisible gig this is just the ticket - actually even if you've been to every single one of their gigs this is still just the ticket. Recorded at Mr Hasbeen's lovely and gently bespoke 'Onboard The Craft Festival' - home for wayward heads from all dimensions.

Wonderfully filmed and mastered by the very reasonably priced folk at Qwoonsweird.

Tracks: [0.00]
  1. Temple Song (J. Juno/B Abbott)
  2. Mysteries (T Hall)
  3. Universal (IOCoT)
  4. Time of Your Life (D. Allen)
  5. Tried So Hard (C. Tritsch/D. Allen)
  6. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein (D. Allen)
  7. Circle Around (trad. arr. IOCoT)