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Live at Unit 2011-12-14

Region 0 (All Areas) DVD 2012

The mighty Rovo groovers in a sea of light - Japanese only release

A perfect place to get on-board the Rovo Mothership. For those who made it to any of the Phoenix Rising dates, the 3rd track on the DVD, 'Baal' featured in Rovo's wonderful, 3 song, 40 minute opening set.

Among many highlights here are live versions of 'Sino Dub', 'Hinotori' and 'Cisco', new Rovo/System 7 versions of which featured on the 'Phoenix Rising' album. So plenty of familiar but new jumping off points to further explore live Rovo-world.

Limited supplies as these are remaining tour stock being sold on behalf of the band.

Tracks: [2h 14']
  1. Spica
  2. Loquix
  3. Baal
  4. Eclipse
  5. Mir
  6. Sukhna
  7. Sino Dub
  8. D.D.E.
  9. Cisco
  10. Hinotori
  • Katsui Yuji {Electric violin}
  • Yamamoto Seiichi {Guitar}
  • Yasuhiro Yoshigaki {Drums & percussion}
  • Okabe Yoichi {Drums & percussion}
  • Harada Jin {Bass}
  • Masuko Tatsuki {DX7 & SH101}