planet gong bazaar

University of Errors

Play the Soft Machine

Region 0 (All Areas) DVD Voiceprint VPDVD44 2008

Live at the Gong Family Unconvention 2006. Stylish, poised, poignent - yet crackling with energy and controlled mayhem.

Beautifully fimed re-claiming of early Soft Machine songs. All mixed and edited with impeccable taste by daevid, Harry Williamson and Michael Clare. Includes a nice 6 page fold-out booklet.

As journalist Steve Lake writes in his thoughtful and entertaining DVD booklet article, 'New Lamp For Old':
"Strangely compelling, a perfectly illogical sequence in the pataphysical scheme of things."
  1. That's How Much I Need You Now - Robert Wyatt
  2. Save Yourself - Robert Wyatt
  3. Hope For Happiness - B. Hopper
  4. She's Gone - Kevin Ayers
  5. When I Don't Want You - Hugh Hopper
  6. You Don't Remember - Robert Wyatt, daevid allen
  7. Tattoo Interlude
  8. I Should Have Known - Hugh Hopper
  9. Shooting At The Moon - Hugh Hopper
  10. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein - daevid allen
  11. Fohat Digs Holes in Space - daevid allen, Gilli Smyth
  12. Love Makes Sweet Music - Kevin Ayers
  • daevid allen {guitar, vocals}
  • Josh Pollock {guitar, vocals}
  • Michael Clare {bass}
  • Warren Heugal {drums}
  • Nicoletta Stephanz {theramin}