planet gong bazaar
artwork Violeta de Outono
Invisible Opera (DVD)
Region 0 (All Areas) NTSC
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(Sorry, all gone.)

Great live psy/prog gig wth Invisible Opera's Fabio Golfetti - literally 5 copies available.

The 'other' band in the life of the Brazilian Invisibles main-man. Gong may not have played South America until a 'Prog Fest' in Mexico at the end of the 90's, but the vibes of the good Green Planet have spread far and wide and the actual sonic resonance of glissando guitar, fragment of Om Riffs and much more are no stranger to that continent. Prime torch bearer and far flung son for many years has been Fabio Golfetti.

This is a professionally shot and edited, home burnt NSTC All Regions DVD direct from Fabio himself in a DVD box with colour cover.

Tracks: 45'00
Violeta De Outono
  1. Espectro
  2. Declinio De Maio
  3. Eyes Like Butterflies
Invisible Opera Company
  1. Baliman-Energy
  2. Orb's Adventures
  3. Cosmic Dancer
  4. Blues
  5. Jupiter
  • Fabio Golfetti {guitar, vocals
  • Renato Mello {alto sax
  • Gabriel Costa {bass
  • Claudio Souza {drums
  • Fernando Cardosa {keyboards