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A totally unique, personalized drawings from daevid himself.

In 2006 daevid was commissioned to produce an illustration by an Australian Gongster. He enjoyed doing it so much that we thought there may be some more of you out there just itching to own an alien original. And lo and behold there are! To the right are pictured are some completed commissions. (Click each to see a larger version.)

daevid's drawing style is not only totally personal in terms of invention, but in pure drawing terms he is so very experienced and has a particularly good and aware use of line - there is nothing quite like it. As with all things he embarks upon daevid will bring complete focus to any commissions undertaken.

Some sent photographs of themselves and family to be incorporated (daevid did very accurate representations of people), or suggested the kind of Gongish elements used in the drawing, anything really. Something worthy of framing, something to enjoy and be intrigued by for years to come.

The examples illustrated are ink on cartridge paper. They vary in dimension from LP size (12"x 12") to A3 and even A2, really whatever is appropriate to the image. The detail is amazing - even the larger versions viewable here don't do full justice to the original drawings.

Planet Gong : daevid allen : commission artwork
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