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Genuine Wham-O Frisbees
'Gong' lettering and Om symbol moulded in (not just printed on).
£15.00 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

Mint, unflown! - last few of one of the strangest Gong rarities.

Made for the New York Gong/Mother Gong USA tour in 1980 by promoter of the Kansas City event, Ric Chafen. Here are the last few. I don't know what weight they are - but if you buy a rare Gong frisbee you probably aren't going to throw it for the dog to catch.

Only the pure white version remains.

Once there were some green ones, blue ones and some yellow ones, but they have all sold and have probably long since flown over the hedge into next door's garden, into the middle of the river, up a tree, under a truck, or been chewed to bits by the dog.