planet gong bazaar



Illuminate Me.

Hand made to order in Somerset. 16 inches (41cm) diameter. A magical convergence of robust radiance, captive lightness and pendulous gravity (wot!)

Colours are true to the original design.

The border petals are made in opalescent glass to visually 'push' the inner circle forward and frame the mandala. The 'eyelids' are in a flashed opalescent white that reflects ambient light at night. When the rest of the mandala has no light coming through it, the eyelids should be 'floating' in the window.

The mandala pictured above is designed to hang in a window with light coming through it - if the 'place of choice' is a wall, the craftsperson could use all opalescent glass (again to achieve the full-colour effect), and either respecting the original colour scheme or in the individual's colours of choice. Each is a unique, heirloom-quality piece.

stained glass mandala and teapot
stained glass flying teapot detail