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daevid allen
Original Gong Artwork - the letter G
DAG1 || 2000 || £250 USD  EUR  JPY  +tax (includes p+p)

Prime Gongorabelia! An original piece of hand drawn Gong tour artwork by daevid.

Each letter of GONG was designed and drawn by daevid in 2000 for use on the GAS tour posters, flyers and mail-out postcards used to advertise what may very well turn out to be the last big 'traditional' Gong tour, the 60+ date European/UK Tour of 2001.

poster artwork

The letters were used on all manner of tour 'paperwork', both by the band and by promoters and venues around Europe and therefore appear on gig posters, stage passes, tour booklets, adverts, etc.

The drawing is on A4 cartridge paper in ink. As the drawing is kept by daevid in Australia I'm sure it could be signed and dedicated by him to the buyer.

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