planet gong bazaar


poster + scroll + stickers

reproductions of…
  • 1975 Gong mandala promo poster
  • 1973 Flying Teapot Spotters scroll
  • 1975 Gong mandala promo sticker
  • plus a Flying Teapot sticker!
…all sent together rolled in a mailing tube. Prices include postage and packing, and tax where applicable. Shipping will be tracked and signed‑for service where available.

Exclusive to Planet Gong - when they're gong they're gong...

The Gong Mandala promo poster you might have been lucky and scored at a gig or blagged from a Virgin shop in 1975. Originals fetch a high price if you can find one. This version is beautifully lithographically printed (strong light-resistant oil-based inks) on heavyweight 250gsm paper ideal for framing.

Daevid's wonderful Flying Teapot Spotters Scroll was available as a freebie from Virgin Records and was advertised inside the Flying Teapot album. It was available for perhaps a year in 1973/74. GAS printed some more in the early 1990s.

The Gong Mandala promo stickers appeared here and there in 1974/75, and the Teapot sticker we produced for the 'Love From The Planet Gong' box-set extras.