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gong teapot badge Gong
enamel flying teapot badge 35mm (1+3/8 inch)
New, high quality Flying Teapot enamel badge.

gong mandala badge Gong
enamel mandala badge 35mm (1+3/8 inch)
High quality. Brilliant colours. Sturdy metal. Minutely detailed.

skydrunk badge Steve Hillage
Enamel Sky-drunk Badge 35mm (1+3/8 inch)
As this badge is exclusive to the Searching For The Spark box set it is ONLY available to buyers who brought their box-set here on Planet Gong. It's a 'spare' badge - one to wear without fear of losing part of your box-set. Due to the limited numbers available it's only 1 badge per box-set buyer.

gong mandala patch Gong
mandala patch 10cm (4-inch)
Highly coloured, high quality embroidered textile.