planet gong bazaar

go forth and accessorise
updated 22nd Feb 2021

badge designs Gong etc.
all available small pin badges 25mm (1-inch)
20 different badges. Also available in smaller sets of related designs. Collect them all. Trade with friends!

badge designs Gong
album covers 25mm (1-inch)
4 different badges : Bananamoon, Camembert Electrique, Flying Teapot, You

badge designs Gong
3 Gong-named + 1 mandala 25mm (1-inch)
4 different badges: mandala, planet, Camembert Electrique, GONG

badge designs Gong
illuminated letters 25mm (1-inch)
4 different badges : G O N g

badge designs Gong
Flying Teapots & pixies 25mm (1-inch)
2 Flying Teapots (night & day), Sleepy pixie, Bananamoon. (2 Flying Teapots available separately below).

flying teapot badge designs Gong
Flying Teapots 25mm (1-inch)
2 Flying Teapots (night & day).

badge designs Gong
Family Jewels 25mm (1-inch)
4 different badges: Flying Teapot, Bananamoon Observatory, Octave Doctor, daevid allen and PHP

badge designs Here & Now
Anarchie Flottant 25mm (1-inch)
2 designs : 'Gospel of Free' and 'Floating Anarchy' - 1 or 2 of each (2 or 4 badges)

gong mandala badge Gong
enamel mandala badge 35mm (1+3/8 inch)
High quality. Brilliant colours. Sturdy metal. Minutely detailed.

gong mandala badge Gong
enamel flying teapot badge 35mm (1+3/8 inch)

(temporarily out of stock)

High quality. Brilliant colours. Sturdy metal. Highly detailed.

skydrunk badge Steve Hillage
Enamel Sky Drunk Heart Beat Band Badge 35mm (1+3/8 inch)
As this badge is exclusive to the Searching For The Spark box set it is ONLY available to buyers who brought their box-set here on Planet Gong. It's a 'spare' badge - one to wear without fear of losing part of your box-set. Due to the limited numbers available it's only 1 badge per box-set buyer.

gong mandala and teapot stickers Gong
Mandala sticker + Flying Teapot sticker 9cm (3.5 inch)
2 circular, highly coloured, litho-printed stickers in a small brown square envelope with message. The Gong mandala is a recreation of a 1975 original. The Flying Teapot is the Love From The Planet Gong box-set version.