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artwork Monty Oxymoron
The Cosmic Brain Explodes
'a wild tempest of paradoxical ravings' by The Damned keyboard player and multi-instrumentalist

artwork Kevan Furbank
Gong On Track
Every album and every track examined with copious help from Gong musicians.

artwork Steve Davis & Kavus Torabi
Medical Grade Music [hardcover]

'an evangelistic alliance on the furthest frontiers of underground music'
Meeting in the mid-2000's at a Magma gig, "the foundation of not only a firm friendship, but also the most infectiously inclusive broadcasting style since the much-mourned death of John Peel."

artwork Vicki Steward
Normal For Glastonbury
An enlightening and truthfully humourous look at some of the quirks and quirkesses of Avalon town. Very good. (as seen on the blog of the same name - and from the same author a 20 postcard book of Crap Views of Glastonbury Tor)

artwork daevid allen
Poet for Sale
Collection of performance poetry and poems. The first to be published since 1962.

artwork daevid allen
A Pocket Introduction To The Planet Gong
Reproduction of 1971 booklet with classic daevid allen artwork and typography.

artwork daevid allen
Camembert Electrique
All the lyrics. Classic daevid allen artwork and typography.

artwork Steve Hillage
Little Book of Words
Complete lyrics from Fish Rising, L, and Motivation Radio.

artwork Bruce Garrard
Free State
Glastonbury's alternative community 1970 to 2000 and beyond. The story of the birth, development and growth of the rather strange place we call home.

artwork daevid allen
The Book
Gong 1992. Enhance the Shapeshifter album with this specially written volume (or read on its own).

artwork Bruce Garrard
Rainbow Fields Is Home
The Rainbow Village at Molesworth, August 1984 to February 1985. A personal history of the Molesworth Green Gathering and Rainbow Village. An edition of 300.

artwork Bruce Garrard
The Problem with Men
The prehistoric origins of patriachy and social oppression. Fascinating take on a core 'problem' affecting the world. An edition of 200.

artwork Andy Worthington
Battle of the Beanfield

The Battle of the Beanfield [Andy's website]

Stonehenge Festival 1985. Free festival history, public records and personal accounts of the events. Published 2006.

artwork Gilli Smyth and Luc Pilmeyer
Gong Friends [photo anthology]
Hand-numbered limited edition of 1000.
A4 format; 32 thick, glossy pages, saddle-stitched.