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updated Monday 30 Sep, 2019

cover art Gong
Flying Teapot Deluxe edition 2CD
Available to pre-order. Remastered from original master tapes + bonus tracks + live CD + promo stickers.

cover art Gong
Angels Egg Deluxe edition 2CD
Available to pre-order. Remastered from original master tapes + bonus tracks + live CD + promo stickers.

cover art Gong
You Deluxe edition 2CD
Available to pre-order. Remastered from original master tapes + bonus tracks + live CD + promo stickers.

cover art Gong
Shamal Deluxe edition 2CD
Available to pre-order. Remastered from original master tapes + bonus tracks + live CD + promo stickers.

cover art Gong
LOVE FROM THE PLANET GONG: The Virgin Years 1973-75 Box-set 12CD + 1DVD

(Sorry, unavailable. Possibly will be re-pressed.)

OUT OF STOCK. 13 disc Box-set + Gong Mandala Poster, Flying Teapot Scroll and 3 stickers (exclusive to the Planet Gong).

cover art Steve Hillage
The Golden Vibe CD
A-capella, echo guitar session recorded in the Gong house in 1973 - Wata Trip! Classic Hillage.

cover art Gong
The Universe Also Collapses CD
New Gong album available now.

cover art Mother Gong
Robot Woman Trilogy 4CD
AVAILABLE NOW - Only here and one other retailer. Limited edition (1500) 4CD hardback ear-book. Release date 15.03.2019

cover art System 7 / Mirror System
Café Seven CD
Available now - the System 7/Mirror System album to gladden hearts and lift spirits.

cover art Steve Hillage Band
Düsseldorf 28.3.79 2CD
Stunning, top-class double CD of 1979 gig from Steve's archives.

cover art Here & Now
Give & Take CD
Here & Now's 1978 debut album On Tin Toy at a good price.

cover art Cary Grace
Covers CD
Fabulous selection of covers (Cream, Floyd, Bowie, Amon Düül, Dylan, Stones) done in really good, classy Cary style

cover art Sacred Geometry Banned
Re-Connection CD
Microcosmic's latest, touched with a brush of daevid allen, Nik Turner, Gilli Smyth, Huw Lloyd Langton and other friends

cover art Global
Live at Kozfest 2017 CD
Global return - rave on - in a tent - in a field - with Didgeridu! I remember it well.

cover art Violeta de Outono
Spaces CD
More magical music from Gong's guitarist Fabio Golfetti's other band.

cover art Skydancer
Skydancer CD
Brian Abbott, Jackie Juno and Andy Bole team-up with magical, ethereal results

cover art Steve Hillage
Searching For The Spark 22CD box set
Unbelievable limited edition 22 disc box-set.

cover art Gong
Rejoice! I'm Dead! CD
A bright spot in 2016.

cover art Blue Midnight
White Moon CD
Third bundle of quirky joy. Soundcloud

cover art Various Artists
Drones 4 Daevid 2CD
Eclectic, live, heartfelt double CD collection from daevid benefit gig.

cover art Dave Sturt
Dreams & Absurdities CD
First solo album by Gong bassist, with Gong guests.

cover art Steve Hillage Band
Live at Madison Square Garden CD
BACK IN STOCK. Big Hillage band blast iconic New York venue.

cover art System 7
X-Port CD
2015. Definitive, great album.

cover art Mirror System
N-Port CD
Brilliant new album. Mirror System moves to a new level.

cover art Rovo
Condor CD
2006 album.

cover art Rovo
Selected 2001-2004 CD
Compilation of early tracks.

cover art Kangaroo Moon
The Way It Is CD
A new Kangaroo Moon album bounds forth.

cover art Kevin Kendle with Brian Abbott and Nigel Shaw
Deep Space 5: Illumination CD
More of the deepest chilled out space sounds you could wish for.

cover art Gong
Camembert Electrique CD BYG remaster
Easily the best sounding CD issue. A fitting tribute to daevid in all but one area.

cover art System 7 + Mirror System
n+x mini album CD 2015
Fabulous 43 minute hors d'oeuvre for N-Port and X-Port albums.

cover art daevid allen
Stoned Innocent Frankenstein 2CD

Sorry, out of pressing. Will return one day.


cover art Gong
I See You CD
2014 studio album.

cover art Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Songs From The Temple Of Now CD
Studio album with daevid allen and Arthur Brown guesting.

cover art Steve Hillage Band
Live at Rockpalast (CD + DVD)
BACK IN STOCK - Lower price. Classy reissue of '77 German gig.

cover art System 7
Out 2CD
Bulging with of fantastic tracks, the majority only previously available on 12-inch vinyl or as downloads.

cover art Steve Hillage Band
Rainbow 1977 CD
Spacey psy-funk Hillage band cut a rug at the iconic 70's Rock venue.

cover art Rovo
Phase CD
Glorious, double-drumming, soaring electric violin-ing, progressive trance jamming.

cover art Andy Bole + Hiroshi Higashi
Epicycles CD
Deep space meeting - Andy meets Acid Mothers Temple.

cover art Steve Hillage Band
Live in England 1979 CD + DVD
Live University of Kent 28-02-1979 show with bonus live '77 tracks, plus video of the gig with promo film bonus tracks and 2006 interview.

cover art InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Cygnus & The White Sow CD
New Deborah/Jwa excursion to 'other' musical dimensions.

cover art Sentient
Live at the Real Music Club, Brighton CD
Fantastic live improvised psychedelia and beyond from Steffe, Steve and Subs.

cover art Rovo + System 7
Phoenix Rising CD
Stunning progressive/techno fusion.

cover art Here & Now
Live In London CD
Keith, Steffe, Steve and Gwyo's amazing live set from 2007.

cover art Rovo + System 7
Hinotori + Phoenix Rising CD/EP
42 minute part taster, part great addition/extension to the Phoenix Rising album.

cover art Gong
Camembert Eclectique CD
Long overdue re-issue of the very first GAS CD. Pre-Camembert Electric band, outakes and other 1969 studio recordings.

cover art Andy Bole
The Glorious Event CD
Elegant, spacey, guitar-rich release.

cover art InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Gematria ∼:0:∼ From Zero To Metacube CD
Deeply strange and rather wonderful 'Avant Ambient' release with revelatory daevid allen track.