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daevid allen

bert camembert, captain capricorn, dada ali, dingo wombat, divided alien
see also bananamoon obscura

elevenses cd

Weird Quartet


daevid allen - a curate's egg of a release…


Weird Quartet


2nd daevid allen 'Weird Biscuit Teatime' release, on vinyl, with insert.

wierd biscuit teatime

Weird Biscuit Teatime


(Sorry, all gone - might return someday)

daevid allen on guitar and vocals - a darker grandeur, with a rocking Brainville edge.

stoned innocent frankenstein

daevid allen

Stoned Innocent Frankenstein

Sorry, out of pressing. Will return one day.

Double album of unreleased alternative versions and different mixes of daevid's first solo album.

australia aquaria

daevid allen

Australia Aquaria

1990 solo album, remastered with a new expanded booklet. What a fabulous album this is!

brazil gong

Gong Global Family

Live in Brazil

Exciting 2007 South American Gong band : daevid allen, Fabio Golfetti, Josh Pollock, Fred Barley, Gabriel Costa, and Marcelo Ringel.

owl in the tree

Mother Gong

The Owl in the Tree

Superior remastered sound. The full lyrics in the booklet, and a bonus track.

7 drones cd

daevid allen

Seven Drones

Deeply light and lightly deep. Beautifully re-edited, re-mastered, re-covered and with new liner notes by daevid. One of the prime keys to Gong and way beyond - simple as that.

dreamin' a dream

daevid allen

Dreamin' a Dream

Electro-acoustic 'solo' album, with guests Graham Clark (Magick Brothers, Gong, Gongmaison) and Tim Hall.

one who whispers


One Who Whispers

Theo Travis' intelligently 'ambient' duo with daevid allen guesting on glissando guitar.

commission artwork

commission artwork

daevid allen

Totally unique personalized drawings in ink.