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cover art University of Errors
Live at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms DVD
2008-05-30… Did this really happen? I think it did. Wonderfully evocative.

cover art Jackie Juno
Reincarnation Street
And now for something completely different - no, I mean really different.

cover art Rovo
Live at Unit DVD
2011-12-14… "Setting the standard for modern psychedelic music" - I believe.

cover art Invisible Opera Company of Tibet
Live at the Onboard the Craft Festival 2013 DVD
Well filmed and recorded celebratory Festival gig - great stuff.

cover art University of Errors
Play the Soft Machine DVD
Wonderful performance from the Errors in Amsterdam in 2006. Deeply impressive.

cover art Steve Hillage Band
Live at the Gong Family Unconvention DVD
Utterly brilliant release. Made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and at one point made me cry.

cover art Gong
On French TV 1971-1973 DVD
Wonderful collection of rare TV films including a 1973 documentary filmed at the band's communal home.

cover art Harry Williamson + Anthony Phillips
Tarka DVD
Harry's Devonian film and visuals to accompany his Tarka music.

cover art Glissando Orchestrae
The Seven Drones DVD
Live at the Gong Uncon, Amsterdam 2006. A long held dream - nothing like it before. 10 top glissandee (daevid allen, Steve Hillage, Steffe Sharpstrings, Harry Williamson, Fabio Golfetti, Brian Abbott, Jerry Bewley, Steve Higgins, Josh Pollock, and Kawabata Makoto) performing the Seven Drones live. Mixed into an effects rich audio-visual feast by Harry Williamson and daevid allen.

cover art Gong
Gong at Montserrat 1973 DVD
The Holy grail of early Gong footage. Essential viewing for all Gongsters. 25 minutes of professionally shot film of the band at play and playing in '73 in the strangest of places, on the high altar of a monastery in front of a Black Madonna. Also 5 brand new daevid short films and also a little unseen Soft Machine footage from '67.

cover art Violeta de Outono
Violeta de Outono DVD
Live in Sao Paulo, Brasil - Great live psy/prog gig wth Invisible Opera's Fabio Golfetti.

cover art Violeta de Outono
Invisible Opera DVD
Great live psy/prog gig wth Invisible Opera's Fabio Golfetti - literally 5 copies available.

cover art Hawkwind
Out of the Shadows DVD
Recorded at Newcastle Opera House, 4th December 2002.

cover art Nik Turner
Live at the unCon 2006 DVD

(Sorry, all gone.)

Filmed at the Big Green Gathering in 2003.