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cover art University of Errors
Live at the Glastonbury Assembly Rooms DVD
2008-05-30… Did this really happen? I think it did. Wonderfully evocative.

cover art daevid allen and micro-cosmique
Five Semitones CD

(Sorry, currently out of stock.)

Tones For Healing and Meditation. Deeply restful gliss and synth, based on daevid's Seven Drones music. Specifically designed for meditation and relaxation.

cover art Natural Progression
Bubbled up on Dub volume 1 CD
Totally uplifting yet solidly earthed psychedelic dub From Gong's Steffe, plus Arkology, Doof and the Herb, all masters of the genre.

cover art daevid allen
Eat Me Baby I'm a Jellybean CD
daevid tweaks or adds lyrics to quirkily, brilliantly played jazz standards.

cover art Glo
Even As We CD
Steffe and Gilli Smyth's luscious 'ambient-with-beats' masterpiece.

cover art Gong
Glastonbury Fayre CD

Returning second quarter of 2018…

STOCK CUPBOARD FIND! 60+ copies. Seminal Gong recording re-mastered from the original tapes.

cover art Goddess Trance
Goddess Trance CD
Live Trance recording featuring Gilli, daevid and Orlando.

cover art Here & Now
Gospel of Free CD
Collection of live Free Festival recordings, '76-'78.

cover art Lady June
Hit and Myth CD
Canterbury scene cult artist and poet. 2nd release compiled with a host of 'Canterbury' musicians. A humourous, surreal CD full of rye observations on life's foibles and paradigm slippage.

cover art House of Thandoy
House of Thandoy CD

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

Spacey psychedelic grooves. Mike Howlett, guitarist Steve Higgins and drummer Eddy Sayer lay down some very Gong-like space funk with Theo Travis guesting. Only available here.

cover art InVerse Gravity Vehicle
Gematria ∼:0:∼ From Zero To Metacube CD
Deeply strange and rather wonderful 'Avant Ambient' release with revelatory daevid allen track.

cover art Clark-Thorne-Fell
Isthmus CD
Fantastic Improvised melodic Jazz CD by Gong, Gongmaison, and Magick Brother violinist Graham Clark. Spontaneous jazz improvisation of the highest order.

cover art Gilli Smyth
It's All a Dream CD

(Sorry, all gone.)

Electro-ambient with daevid and Orlando Allen guestiing throughout.

cover art Cipher
One Who Whispers CD
Theo Travis' intelligently 'ambient' duo with daevid allen guesting on glissando guitar.

cover art Gong
OK Friends! CD

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

Selections from the extensive 2001 tour of Europe.

cover art microcosmic & daevid allen
Sacred Geometry CD

(Sorry sold out.)

Deep ambient gliss guitar/synth. Only available from GAS.

cover art microcosmic + daevid allen
Sacred Geometry 2 CD

(Sorry sold out.)

Gently spirited and deeply relaxing gliss guitar and synth. Only available from GAS.

cover art daevid allen & microcosmic
Sacred Geometry 3 CD

(Sorry sold out.)

Relaxing glissando guitar and synth adventures. Classic ambient duo returns, with guests.

cover art Microcosmic
Sacred Geometry 4 CD

(Sorry, all gone. Try Bandcamp or Facebook?)

With Steve Hillage, daevid allen, Gilli Smyth. Need to chill out Gongish style? Look no further.

cover art Silver on the Tree
Morning Glory CD
Beautiful Pagan acapella CD produced with daevid allen.

cover art Gong
Sprinkling of Clouds (12-inch)

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

Gong remixes. Limited pressing. The Orb, System 7, Mad Stof (full length edit) and Ken Ishi (not on the You Remixed CD.

cover art Here & Now
UFOasis CD
Only available here.

cover art University of Errors
Ugly Music for Monica CD
The joyous noise of four rocker's last remaining screws coming loose.

cover art Gong
You Remixed 2CD
Gong's classic 'You' album, remixed by the Orb, System 7, Total Eclipse, Steffe, Doof, Astralasia, Shamen, Graham Massey, Moodswings, more. Two hours of prime cosmic techno.

cover art Zorch
Glastonbury Live CD

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

High-quality multitrack recording of the UK's first all synth band pioneers Basil Brooks and Gwyo Zepix. Only available from GAS.

cover art Zorch
Ouroboros CD

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

The UK's first all-synth band. The only album recorded at the EMS studio. Only available here.