planet gong bazaar


floating anarchy 78 a2

Here & Now

Floating Anarchy '78

poster A2 rolled

'Quink' blue reproduction print on 110gsm paper (original was handn‑drawn) - prices include postage and packing, and tax where applicable; sent tracked and signed for where available

angels egg a1


Angels Egg

poster A1

Xmas 1973 Comet Kohoutek gig poster drawn by daevid allen. The original advert appeared on the back page of UK music papers in December (Melody Maker, etcetera - hence the red bits), and also on the back of Virgin Records price list posters (minus the red bits) - 110gsm paper, rolled in a tube

flying teapot spotters scroll


Flying Teapot

poster 715x280mm folded

reproduction Flying Teapot Spotters Scroll drawn by daevid allen, lithographically printed on quality paper - advertised inside the original release of the Flying Teapot album, available on request from Virgin Records for perhaps a year in 1973-74

mandala scroll stickers


poster, scroll, stickers

1975 Gong mandala promo poster, 1973 Flying Teapot Spotters scroll, 1975 Gong mandala promo sticker, Flying Teapot sticker. Prices include postage and packing, and tax where applicable. Sent rolled in a mailing tube, tracked and signed‑for where available.

The Gong Mandala promo poster you might have been lucky and scored at a gig or blagged from a Virgin shop in 1975. Originals fetch a high price if you can find one. This version is beautifully lithographically printed (strong light-resistant oil-based inks) on heavyweight 250gsm paper ideal for framing.

Daevid's wonderful Flying Teapot Spotters Scroll was available as a freebie from Virgin Records and was advertised inside the Flying Teapot album. It was available for perhaps a year in 1973/74. GAS printed some more in the early 1990s.

The Gong Mandala promo stickers appeared here and there in 1974/75, and the Teapot sticker we produced for the 'Love From The Planet Gong' box-set extras.

flying teapot a0


Flying Teapot

poster A0 rolled

1189x600mm, 110gsm paper - prices include postage and packing, and tax where applicable - sent in a crush-proof tube, tracked and signed for where available

daevid allen's original water-colour 'gatefold' illustration for the Virgin Records release has been recognised as one of the most iconic of album covers. The artist Peter Blake, most famous for the Sgt Pepper design, once chose Flying Teapot as his favourite album cover of all time. Without lettering, it's vibrant enough to brighten up the darkest winter day. It was created by Phil Rogers, co-designer of the Love From The Planet Gong box-set

gong mandala and teapot stickers


2 stickers 90mm

1975-style mandala, Love From The Planet Gong version Flying Teapot : highly coloured, litho‑printed stickers plus a secret message in a small brown envelope

sea song

University of Errors

Sea Song

limited edition 7‑inch

beautiful, beautiful, beautiful… 45rpm in a picture sleeve with insert

university of errors live in glastonbury 2008

daevid allen's University of Errors

Error Avalonis

live in Glastonbury

Assembly Rooms, 2008-05-30… wonderfully evocative


InVerse Gravity Vehicle

Gematria ∼:0:∼ From Zero To Metacube

avant ambient

deeply strange and rather wonderful release with revelatory daevid allen track




melodic jazz improv

trio with Gong, Gongmaison, and Magick Brother violinist Graham Clark. Spontaneous jazz improvisation of the highest order.

morning glory

Silver on the Tree

Morning Glory


beautiful Pagan vocals, produced with daevid allen