planet gong bazaar

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet UK
Brian Abbott


The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

The Bardo of Becoming

New Tibetan teaching inspired album - rock to avant-devotional, acid-folkish to transcendental.

jewel in the lotus

The Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Jewel in the Lotus

25th Anniversary edition. Re-mastered, expanded, re-covered - acquaint yourself with a classic Planet Gong satellite release.

invisibles eyes

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet


100% cotton maroon short sleeve t‑shirt with golden yellow print. Also available from The Invisible Opera Company.

kozfest 2018

Invisible Opera Company of Tibet

Surfing the Wave of the Mystery

Live at Kozfest 2018. Powerful live Invisibles set with Mike Howlett and Tim Hawthorn guesting.

light from pleiades

Deep Skies

Light From The Pleiades

Volume 3. Kevin Kendle + Brian Abbott + Nigel Shaw. Synth rich gliss guitar homage to deepest space. A Tangerine Blakian Hillage tinged journey beyond.


Brian Abbott


Ambient soundscapes and sonic prayers to full tilt psychedelic rock workouts. Brian 'Zero' Abbott's first solo outing based on the Tibetan female deity Tara. Contemporary western instruments merged with Mongolian and Tibetan Instrumentation. Features members of Global/Riven, Invisible Opera Company, and daevid allen.

light from orion

Deep Skies

Light From Orion

Volume 1 - for all lovers of deepest space/meditational music. Kevin Kendle, Brian Abbott, Nigel Shaw.