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cover art Mother Gong
Robot Woman Trilogy 4CD
AVAILABLE NOW - Only here and one other retailer. Limited edition (1500) 4CD hardback ear-book. Release date 15.03.2019

cover art Mothergong
Live 1991 re-mastered CD
Gilli Smyth, Harry Williamson and Rob Calvert tour the States with Thom the World Poet. Re-mastered, re-covered and re-issued; previously unavailable for quite some time.

cover art Mother Gong
O Amsterdam CD
A magical live recording from the 2006 Gong Global Family un-Conventional Gathering.

cover art Mother Gong
2006 CD

(Sorry, currently unavailable.)

Most of Mothergong's Live 2005 unCon set from Glastobury, and more. Great, clear multi-track recording with Didier, Graham Clark, Orlando Allen and Gwyo beautifully supporting a very in-form Gilli. This band just gets better and better.

cover art Mother Gong
Wild Child CD
Originally recorded in an ancient Celtic valley, under a wild, cloud-driven full moon. Re-mastered re-issue with expanded, illustrated booklet.

cover art Mother Gong + daevid allen
The Owl in the Tree CD
Superior re-mastered sound. The full lyrics in the booklet, and a bonus track.