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floating anarchy 78 a2

Here & Now

Floating Anarchy '78 A2

'Quink' blue, 420mm x 594mm 110gsm paper, sent rolled in a sturdy mailing tube. Prices include postage and packing, and tax where applicable. Shipping will be tracked and signed for where available. Reproduction poster. Original was hand-drawn.

angels egg a1


Angels Egg A1

Xmas '73 Comet Kohoutek gig poster drawn by daevid allen. 841mm x 594mm (33.1" x 23.4") 110gsm paper, sent rolled in a sturdy tube.
deep backround…
The original advert appeared on the back page (hence the red bits) of UK music papers (Melody Maker, etc.) in December 1973 and also on the back of Virgin Records price list posters (minus the red bits). Viva outlandish Gongish things! The world needs more.

flying teapot spotters scroll


Flying Teapot spotters scroll

715mm x 280mm scroll, sent folded in a stiffened card envelope. Exact reproduction of the Flying Teapot Spotters Scroll drawn by daevid allen, originally available from Virgin Records in 1973, lithographically printed on good quality paper stock.
deep background…
Advertised inside the original Virgin release of the Flying Teapot album the Scroll was available on request from Virgin Records for perhaps a year in 1973-74. GAS printed more in the early 1990s, but since then it's been unavailable.

mandala scroll stickers


poster + scroll + stickers

exclusive to Planet Gong! reproductions of…
  • 1975 Gong mandala promo poster
  • 1973 Flying Teapot Spotters scroll
  • 1975 Gong mandala promo sticker
  • plus a Flying Teapot sticker!
…all sent together rolled in a mailing tube. Prices include postage and packing, and tax where applicable. Shipping will be tracked and signed‑for service where available.
deep background…

The Gong Mandala promo poster you might have been lucky and scored at a gig or blagged from a Virgin shop in 1975. Originals fetch a high price if you can find one. This version is beautifully lithographically printed (strong light-resistant oil-based inks) on heavyweight 250gsm paper ideal for framing.

Daevid's wonderful Flying Teapot Spotters Scroll was available as a freebie from Virgin Records and was advertised inside the Flying Teapot album. It was available for perhaps a year in 1973/74. GAS printed some more in the early 1990s.

The Gong Mandala promo stickers appeared here and there in 1974/75, and the Teapot sticker we produced for the 'Love From The Planet Gong' box-set extras.

flying teapot a0


Flying Teapot A0 width

very large 1189mm x 600mm (46.8" x 23.62") 110gsm paper, sent rolled in a crush-proof tube. Prices include postage and packing, and tax where applicable. Shipping will be tracked and signed for where available.
deep background…

daevid allen's original water-colour 'gatefold' illustration for the Virgin Records release has been recognised as one of the most iconic of album covers. The artist Peter Blake, most famous for the Sgt Pepper design, once chose Flying Teapot as his favourite album cover of all time. Without lettering, it's vibrant enough to brighten up the darkest winter day. It was created by Phil Rogers, co-designer of the Love From The Planet Gong box-set.

uncon prog pack


uncon 2006 souvenirs

Original programme, ticket, wristband, flyer.

4 page Programme, Flyer, a complete ticket, Info sheet and a wristband. All originals made and printed in 2006 for the event itself. For UK and EC shoppers the shopping cart will automatically add VAT - ignore this, you will not be charged VAT. Everything fits into the programme to become a looseleaf book.

  1. Double-sided printed colour Flyer - Colourful A5 flyer listing all the details and artists.
  2. A complete ticket - Untorn.
  3. Double sided Info sheet - A5, a prose poem by Gilli on the event's high hopes, plus some info and advice.
  4. Running order 'Programme' - Some great daevid illustrations and the complete running order for the weekend.
  5. Event wristband - unused.

uncon 2005


uncon 2005 A3

297mm x 420mm, sent folded - 2nd Uncoventional Gathering, Glastonbury Assembly Rooms - 2 days/nights, all the bands

errors 2002

University of Errors

Europe/UK 2002 A2

420mm x 594mm heavyweight gloss art paper, sent folded - tour dates, musicians

uk 2001


2001 UK tour A3

297mm x 420mm, sent folded - full colour glossy tour poster - lettering by daevid allen

2001 tiny promo pack


archaeology (shallow)

5 Gong artefacts from 2000‑2001 : 1 promo photograph, 5 unused gig tickets.
finds table…

Ah the Glenn Povey years. Glenn was Second Wave Promotions who single-handedly constructed some of the most long, intense Gong tours since the 1970's. We got on a big bus and went everywhere. Glenn was brilliant at organising all the promo bits and pieces you need to get the gigs and the publicity, printing the tickets and generally making everything run smoothly. These are some of things he organised and produced for the tours. Parts of the 2001 tour were documented on the 'OK Friends' Gong CD.

  1. Original poctcard sized colour promo photograph of Gong in 2001 (daevid allen, Gilli Smyth, Didier Malherbe, Mike Howlett, Theo Travis and Chris Taylor). By Second Wave Promotions
  2. Complete, un-torn Gong gig ticket for Substage Musikclub, Germany on 09.11.2001
  3. Complete, un-torn Gong gig ticket for Liquid Room, Edinburgh on 26.11.2001
  4. Complete, un-torn Gong gig ticket for Sheffield Boardwalk on 28.11.2001
  5. Complete, un-torn Gong gig ticket for The Foundry, Birmingham on 27.11.2000

zero 2 infinity


Zero To Infinity A2

420mm x 594mm, sent folded. Full colour UK Tour/Promo poster for the 2000 Gong CD, featuring the album cover art.

uk 2000


2000 UK tour A2

420mm x 594mm heavy gloss art paper, sent folded - limited supplies

shapeshifter 96


Shapeshifter USA 1996

345mm x 480mm, sent folded - 2nd tour musicians and dates

shapeshifter 92


Shapeshifter France 1992

780mm x 1180mm, sent folded - immense 1992 original French promo flyposter