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there may always be some, but they will not always be these

Promo 2001 Tiny Pack Gong
tiny pack promo photo + tickets
5 Gong artifacts from 2000 and 2001.

Promo 2001 Big Pack Gong
BIG pack promo photos + tickets
11 Gong artifacts from 2000 and 2001.

Uncon Prog Pack Gong
Souvenirs de Unconvention
Programme, ticket, wristband, flyer. Pieces of original ephemera.

postcard image Gong
daevid allen 1974
vintage postcard

(Sorry, all gone.)

Photograph of daevid communing with the spirits mid-Gong gig in Nancy, France, by Alan Dister. Used in a French rock mag at the time (I forget which), then printed by an unknown person as a high quality postcard in the mid 1980s. University of Errors bass player Michael Clare donated the last remaining copies to us to sell. When they are gone - they are gone. (Post and packing will be adjusted to the minimum… free for this item if you order something else such as a CD at the same time.)