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artwork Mahadeva
Cosmic Voyage
No Meat Productions || £5.10 USD  EUR  JPY  + p+p +tax

(Sorry, no longer available.)

The tape version of Micro Cosmic's (Mahadeva) solo album, recorded in Australia in 1997. Devotional, relaxing, gently ambient synths; some tracks with an Indian feel. If you liked his 'Sacred Geometry' album with daevid this may well be your cup of chai.

A Side:
  1. Cosmic Voyage
  2. Om Namo Sita
  3. Brahma Loka
  4. Saturn Rings
B Side:
  1. Milky Way
  2. Heaven Bells
  3. Angel Light
  4. Liberation
  • Maha Cosmic {Synths}
  • Deva Myler {Keyboards, Chime Box}
  • Nathan Thompson {Concert Flute}
  • Peter Davidian {Sitar}
  • Rick Loopzone {Programming on track 8}