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Harry Williamson & Liz Van Dort

Far From The Madding Crowd

Early/different versions of classical/world music album.

This beautiful but so hard to categorise tape (ambient-classical-folk soundscapes?) was produced by classically trained vocalist Liz Van Dort and Mother Gong's Harry Williamson. Here we have early and different versions of many tracks which finally released on the CD of the same name in 1998 and some that only appear here.

As with Harry's Street Art tape, tunes that emerged into Mother Gong tracks, it's a fascinating and rewarding glimpse into his musical developmental processes. We have the last 10 copies available.

A Side:
  1. Come To Thy House [3'29] (Van Dort/Williamson)
  2. We Made Love [4'02] (lyrics Taliesin/Van Dort/Williamson)
  3. My Johnny [4'16] (trad. English; arr. Van Dort/Williamson)
  4. Spiral Dance [3'09] (Van Dort/Williamson)
  5. Oo Sa Gi [3'17] (trad. Japanese; arr. Van Dort/Williamson - version 1)
  6. The Owl and the Pussycat [5'28] (lyrics Edward Lear)
  7. The Morning Glory [2'43] (trad Chinese/Williamson)
B Side:
  1. Romance [4'48] (Schubert)
  2. Albatross [4'26] (Van Dort/Williamson)
  3. Oo Sa Gi [3'29] (trad. Japanese; arr. Van Dort/Williamson - version 2)
  4. The Boatman [4'56] (trad. Chinese; arr. Van Dort/Williamson)
  5. No-Ozone Blue [3'26] (Van Dort/Williamson)
  6. Jaminji Raga [5'16] (lyrics Transylvanian; arr. Van Dort/Williamson)
  • Liz Van Dort {All vocals}
  • Harry Williamson {All instruments, except…}
  • Conrad Henherson {Bass: Albatross}
  • Javier {Congas: Albatross}
  • Mark Robson {Didgeridoo: Come To Thy House}
  • Greg Sheenan {Percussion: Come To Thy House}