planet gong bazaar

Harry Williamson & Robert Calvert

Street Art

A nursery of Mother Gong music.

Professionally produced tape of Harry and Robert, musical brains behind the Mother Gong band, stretching out and developing ideas for release on future Mother Gong albums. If you've been watching you may recognize some of the titles. Released in 1991, though some of the recording dates to 1981. We have the last few copies in existence. Very good music indeed.

All compositions Harry Williamson; except Spirit of the Bush, by Williamson/Calvert.

Side A:
  1. Song of Sky [4'18] (ABCDF)
  2. Sea Shore [5'45] (AB)
  3. Red Letter Day [7'29] (ABCDE)
  4. Jamimji [7'16] (A)
Side B:
  1. Born on the Wind [3'46] (AB)
  2. She Made the World [5'12] (AB)
  3. Wapu - Spirit of the Bush/Wapu (reprise) [10'29] (AB)
  4. Life After Life [5'24] (ABC)
  • (A) Harry Williamson {Guitars, Keyboards}
  • (B) Robert Calvert {Soprano and Tenor Sax}
  • (C) Rob George {Drums}
  • (D) Conrad Henherson {Bass}
  • (E) Gilli Smyth {Space Whisper}
  • (F) Craig Bradfield {Bassoon}